Friday, May 1, 2009

risotto milanese...

the house is soo peaceful and quiet... Nat lives on the hill overlooking Lake Maggione (sp?) and the view from her balcony is breathtaking...

her two little kids are wonderful too, Sebatien, who's 2 years + 4 months, is bashful but very gentle, and we spent the better part of the evening playing together. he loves his bricks, his firetrucks and his bulldozer... he's adorable, and totally stole my heart, so gentle.

Luca is a happy little boy, Nat's sister's in town next weekend for his baptism. both kids have huge adorable eyes... a beautiful family.

So Nat went on to make dinner (full time job, 2 kids and she made dinner - yeah i know, i can barely muster up energy to groceries after work!)
She told me of this amazing 'thermal pot' thing - chops, dices, sautees, and makes risotto in 1 machine!!!!!! no it really does and the risotto milanese we had for dinner was amazing.
unfortunately i didn't get to poke at it or check it out too much, i was busy having a playdate with Sebatien... it's been a while since i've spent that much time with kids, and we laughed and played and in the midst of it, he leans over and gives me a hug amidst all the giggles we shared... that kid just stole my heart...

Nat won't have to work detention tomorrow morning afterall, so we're going to have a chill weekend. i feel peaceful already and wish i don't have this cold - my cough is what's interrupting the serenity of this magical world.


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