Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to scale fish

Sunday night TW and I came home, quiet without her husband and nothing we can do until the next day for his status... We had to clean or freeze the fish from that morning's market, and considering TW's mind is justifiably occupied, I volunteered to take care of it. Chopped the heads and tails and gutted them, which wasn't bad - but the worst part is scaling the fish- yuck!!!! I hate the feeling of fish scale on my skin, but I braved it for the greater good.

We had plenty of fresh veg at home, so I threw some of it together and it turned out to be a really good yellow pepper salsa. Besides the little bones in the fish, I loved the dish. We made a quick veggie stew with some veg that needs to be eaten, and had it over pasta so it turned into a decent meal afterall.

But I plan to buy my fish cleaned and scaled in the future!!!!!!

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