Wednesday, April 29, 2009

sunny day in Milano - or is it

after a near insomiac night again (i need to learn to take siestas in the afternoon, then staying up late won't be so bad), i was pleasantly woken up by streaming rays of sunshine... how wonderful!

did some dishes this morning... i was coming down with a cold, TW also was under the weather, and we thought TH can come home soon, so yesterday i bought 10 euros worth of ingredients and this morning made my chicken soup.
mind you it's nothing special (the only special ingredient is love, har har har) but for some reason, soup isn't big here, so i decided to make comfort chicken soup to sooth our souls.

after the pot is boiling away, i took a shower, and made brunch - yum yum
caprese salad with buffalo mozarella, silician tomatoes, garden basil, olive oil and aged vinegar... heavenly.

i'm not a dainty eater, and still hungry, i made toast, cut out a hole in the middle, cracked an egg and cook on a pan... delicious. topped with fresh smooth meltingly good goat cheese.

I hear the door and TH walked in - he was released from the hospital today, so good news.
TW has classes until 1pm, so I was going to start getting on my way to frolic around town, so the two of them can have some alone time to destress..

today i decided to do Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia "Leonardo da Vinci" - the National Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci museum. Then go by the trendy fashion district where flagship Prada and Louis Vuitton stores are located.

on my way to the museum, an italian woman stopped me for directions to Courso Genova. which is the big street i live at. hahaha, irony.

the museum is huge, it's got all sorts of interesting stuff to see. there was an exhibit on jewellery (the history of it), sounds, musical instrument, time pieces through the eras, musical players, tv technology, radio technonlogy, astronomy, and of course Da Vinci - they took his designs from the notebooks and made working models...

it was quite intense walk, i didn't realize that one romp through the museums...
i was on my way toward the Duomo to find the Monte Napoleone where the fashion
flagship stores are.

then, the sky was DARK, like black, and started POURING.
so of course, i resort to buying an umbrella from the street vendors that walk up and down trying to sell roses/friendship bracelets/umbrellas dependng on the day and the time and the weather. i bought an ugly lime green umbrella for 5 euros, thinking the ugly color would deter thiefs and should remind me not to forget the umbrella behind.

on my way i stopped at Princi again for a quick bite, by then it was 5pm and i was famish...
picked up a small tiny sandwich with brie, prociutto, and thin slice pickle. also picked up 2 pastry filled with pastry cream. and 3 lemon macarons, and a small slice of strawberry custard tart. soooooo good.

at this point my feet was already tired. but i decided i hadn't done any workout since i arrived, and have been eating like a queen, so i should suck it up and walk some more.

got lost trying to find Monte Napoleone...
when i finally did, i walked my riff-raff butt into all the fancy stores - Louis Vuitton, La Perla, Armani, Prada... to their credit the store staff wasn't all Pretty-Woman snobby to me, but i guess they are used to seeing quite a few tourists tromping through in tourist outfits and then plopping down a ton of money to buy insane amount of brand name stuff.

at this point, i'm SOOOO tired. i walked back through the galleria which is a few huge blocks of covered outdoor shops, and found the nice Zara store where seats were provided for family of shoppers, and literally sat there for 30 minutes until the immediate throbbing of my feet subsided.

then finally, i walked my way home. after a Peck stop of course - got some Gnocchi Romana

the good thing is, there was an english speaking older couple who were lost, tourist map in hand. so i stopped to help them find their way.

my feet have stopped hurting so, but i'm still sooo tired. tomorrow might be a light day.

oh my Amsterdam B&B cancelled on me after i changed my reservation dates (even though they said no penalties if more than 15 days before the stay) - they just told me all of a sudden they have no availability (when they were available for more days, and now i wanted to shorten the stay, how can they run out of the day when i was going to occupy that room???)
so i bit the bullet and bought my hotel online.

i also just bought my 3 nights in Roma for next tues-friday. everyones warned me how much walking there is there, with my oncoming cold, i might just try to take it easy. from everyone's stories, one can never get 'all' they wanted to do done in Rome anyway.

can't wait to see Nat in Lugano this weekend, going there friday afternoon, coming back to Milan around noon Monday.

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