Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Still alive and kicking

Today is laundry and gelato day - I owe you tons of blog updates but that all will have to wait until I get decent Internet at home instead of pan stakingly typing on my iPhone keyboard...

Yesterday I woke up without any alarms and from lack of sleep the day before, it felt soooo restful. I finally feel like i'm on vacation - it only took me 4 weeks!!! Travel days are exhausting, the day before, I got into Amsterdam at 6:30am and bumbled along until cafes opened at 8am... Spent that day exploring Amsterdam, then took all of the following transports, in order: tram, train, plane, express shuttle bus, metro and tram.... Totally tired out!

Today I'll do laundry, go shop and eat all my Milanese favorites!

Will pack today too, I've managed not to buy many souvenirs because I have this obsession with packing light - have left behind 2 shirts (Florence and Cinque Terre) as well as a pair of flipflops (Amsterdam) so understand if you won't get any trip memorabilias from me! I'm fair equally to everyone like that!!

Tomorrow starts the stretch to London where i'll be trading fantastic Italian food for ability to speak the local language... My converters won't work in London (neither will my euros) so not even my phone will work when I land into sfo Monday afternoon. It doesn't feel like 5 weeks have gone, but I do feel a famailar soft spot in my heart hearing Italian - I've mastered ordering gelato and at restaurants in Italian without an ounce of panic, so mission accomplished.

Fear not, I have written some keywords from my travels so I won't forget them when I get to blog at leisure about my adventures. Life has been sooo much fun and full of stories, this trip has been trip of a lifetime!

Hungry, gonna forage in the kitchen and attack the big chunk of fabulous Netherlands Gouda cheese I brought back to share with TH and TW.

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