Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Princi & Fabio

TH still had a fever, so I walked with TW near the Duomo and stopped by Princi. Princi was a highly recommended bakery the TW hadn't tried yet...

We walked in and the heavenly smell of freshly made woodfire oven bread fills the place. The counter ran along the entire depth of the place, I wish I can eat all the stuff in it!!! I went with lasagna and TW got foccacia and raspberry tart for her husband's snack.the cheese was smooth and just rich but not overwhelming - the best lasagna I've ever had!

TW went to hospital to visit, and I roamed the streets of downtown on my own.

On TW's recommendation, I found my way to Peck... Think of the awesomest gormet grocery store, multiply the awesomeness by 10 and that's what Peck is. The absolute most decadent, fresh, fancy food and raw ingredients! Overwhelmed by all the choices - and luckily still stuffed with Princi lasagna, I escaped Peck with only a pistacio macaron and a marron glacé. Best macaron ever! I'm going to dive into the martin glacé after this blog post.

I found my way back to La Renaisente, the fancy department store, and somehow got an appointment with a Dior makeup artist. Fabio ended up putting over 20 different products on me, granted, he did a great job but it's more makeup than I ever would wear... I think I disappointed him though when I left without a purchase and we parted without him getting a comission!

Since I was all done up, I took myself to the Gucci cafe for an espresso and some people watching... At least I can afford a coffee there! I decided to join the flocks of tourists marching into the numerous brandname stores.... Hey I look more like I can afford this stuff than I usually do with all that makeup.

I was in Louis Vuitton, and observed a bunch of tourists (men) with china passports - they bought purses and wallets as if these were free!!!! At least 3 handbags and 2 wallets were bought in a few minutes time.

It was too cold for gelato so on my way back I stopped by Peck and got some riso alla mare, which TW and I had for dinner along with pan-heated leftover fish.

TH updated that the docs took temperature this evening and it's normal. If this keeps up, he should be able to come home sometime tomorrow. Besides dining at home, I have no real plans for tomorrow. I have a few tourist maps to check out, so I might wander back to my castle and see what other cool stuff is out there. I still have to find my way to the fashion district as well...

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