Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Purple rain

Monday morning we went to do groceries so TW can bring snacks for her husband... We went to the butcher and the 2 local markets. When TW went to the hospital to visit TH, I decided to go to an english speaking Aveda salon to do my hair.

Finding the place was easy, only a sprinkle of drizzle in the air. I arrived at 1pm and Simone/Simon - the English speaking owner greeted me. I decided to get my hair darkened overall - being Chinese I never had the thick raven black lucious hair, so I wanted black with some dark blue highlights. We designed the highlights to be rather subtle anyway.

Tonia was my colorist, she bleached the highlight parts and gave me a beautiful dark shade as my new base color. After 4 hours, Stephan was finally drying my hair....

Instead of blue, my highlights came out bleached blond! I looked into the big mirrors and saw Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmatians! Of course, the hairdressers saw it too. The owner assured me they would fix it after my cut. Round 2, we did a purple color which did grab onto the bleached hair. At the end of 6 hours, they didn't even give me a discount!!! But I no longer had blond 'highlights' so it could've been worse.

My beautifully blowdried hair stood no chance within a few minutes of me stepping out into the pouring rain... In San jose, I drove everywhere, and never used am umbrella since it was always only a few steps from my car to my destinations. I forgot that I was walking everywhere.

So in a hurry to get home and in an attempt to try to keep my hair 'done', I briskly walked 7 blocks until I saw unfamiliar surrounds.... Oh rats, now I'm lost! I pulled out my little tourist map of downtown Milano and tried to find where I was. After doing this a few times, the map paper started to melt in the rain.

Thankfully I passed by a bookstore, so I walked in and got a laminated copy of the city map and asked the cashier to locate us on the map. After stopping 2 more pedestrians, I found my way back on track. By this point I was drenched but couldn't care less.... I actually stood there and laughed as I was 3 steps away from being COMPLETELY splashed by an oncoming bus - I promised you the driver put his heart into aiming for me!

When I was close to home, I passed by a gelateria TW had once recommended, and since I only had half a croissant the whole day, I rewarded myself with a grapfruit sorbet made with muscat wine...

All in all an adventure - I'm still nursing a slight sore throat and trying to fight it with hot tea these two days. My purple highlights are looking bluish in some angles. But to the salon's credit, none of the haircolors ran onto my clothes in the rain.

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